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Questions to ask:

– Who is this Promotional Campaign looking to influence? (audiences)

– Why are we doing it? (background, market situation, clear goals)

– Where and how will it be used?

– What needs to be done (by those that are reading the brief)? By whom? By when?

The 10 most important things to include…

1. Background Summary: Who is the client? What is the product or service? What are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (or SWOTs) involved with this product or service? Are there existing research documents, reports and other materials that help you understand the situation? What did you learn from them?

2. Overview: What is the project? What needs to be created and why? Why do we need this project? What’s the opportunity?

3. Drivers: What is our goal for this project? What are we trying to achieve? What is the purpose of our work? What are our top three objectives?

4. Audience: Who are we talking to? What do we know about them that will help inspire creative development? What do they think of us, currently? Why should they care? What do we want them to think and feel?

5. Competitors: Who is the competition? What are they telling the audience? How does that impact what we should be telling them? SWOT analysis of competitors? What differentiates us from them?

6. Messaging: What are we saying with this project exactly? Are the words already developed or do we need to develop them? What do we want audiences to take away? What is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT THING that we must isolate and commit to in our messaging?

7. Reasons to Believe: What support can you give for the Messaging requested? What features of this product or service need to be highlighted? What are the benefits?

8. Tone: How should we be communicating? What adjectives describe the feeling or approach? What guidelines would you provide to help creative development stay on brand?

9. Details: Any mandatory information that must be included? List of deliverables? Preconceived ideas? Format parameters? Limitations and restrictions? (ALSO, importantly, include timeline, schedule and the available budget – $1,000,000)

10. Process: What steps will you go through to deliver this promotional campaign (on time and on budget)? Who will be approving this brief, and the end deliverables (client)? Who needs to be informed of progress (and how)?

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