5 paragraph describing Muhammad Ali relationship as a boxer to the society and times he lived in.

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In 750-1000 words, write a critical essay on the boxer, civic leader, sports legend, and humanitarian Muhammad Ali. In your essay, write an analysis of Muhamad Ali the boxer and his contributions the struggles and issues confronting African American freedom, struggle, and his broader impact on American society and global community. Make sure your essay has a controlling idea – you are writing an essay, not a chapter on Ali’s life – clearly identifies which issues your essay is focused on; also keep in mind, this is not a personal essay about Ali’s life, but should address Ali’s relationship as a boxer to the society and times he lived in (Sports and Society). You can give your perspective, but the essay should be a critical analysis of Ali and the issues he confronted in his lifetime. Make sure you use at least three secondary sources to support your positions (I will work with you to make sure you know how to properly cite secondary sources).

Your essay will be judged on the following:

A thoughtful title

Introduction with underlined thesis

At least 3 pictures of Ali to illustrate and illuminate your work

At least five body paragraphs containing underlined topic sentences

and supporting examples and clear transitions

At least three properly cited and integrated quotations

Insight on Ali’s role in the Civil Rights Movement (do not just repeat text)

Creative expression (vocabulary and style)

Strong Conclusion

MLA Work Cited Page / Proper Cover (I will outline in class)

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