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3000 word paper excluding references in full havard Style. I have included the details of the assignment below. I need you to pick any company that can provide all these details and wouldn’t mind what you pick as long as its informative and matches the marking criteria

You are a Business to Business Marketing Consultant and have been approached by the X company of your choice (product manufacturer, service provider, etc.) of Y country whose Managing Director (MD) wishes to expand into a foreign market (it can be UK or other). The overseas company understands that entering an unknown market is fraught with problems. They currently have no sales contacts in the country, know little about channels of distribution, are ignorant of what motivates buyers, have no knowledge of product competition and pricing and have no idea of how to promote their products in the domestic market. They need help.
You have, therefore, been approached and asked to create a report, advising the MD how the company should undertake this exercise to maximise their chances of success in penetrating the domestic market. You must advise them on, not just how to go about doing this, but why they should undertake the action you recommend that is, the rationale behind all of the proposals put forward. The plan is to be divided into two key sections. First, an analysis of the market and, second, an overview of the proposed marketing strategy.
Marking Scheme

Marking criteria

Learning Outcome
Market analysis including industry analysis (e.g. competitors, customer segments, purchasing patterns), industry distribution channels, structure & types (including user, retail, merchant, distributor, supplier, manufacturer)

Marketing strategy including target segments (all/some – rationale?), differentiation, benefits & competitive positioning, marketing mix proposed (e.g. product range, price, promotion, distribution channels proposed – rationale?)

Presentation, including structure, referencing, style, clarity, visuals

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