30 questions (short answer maximum three sentences for each question)

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Please read the direction and you have to answer from the book and maximum 3 sentences

I have link to the book and I will send it to you

  • A) The answers to the following questions must be a minimum of 1-3 sentences long.
  • B) I will stop reading after sentence three.
  • C) To receive full credit for each question EVERY part of the question must be fully answered CORRECTLY according to the text.
  • D) Google answers will not be accepted.
  • E) Each incorrect answer will lose a total of 3 points.

1.According to your text, what is the Arabic name for ISIS?

2. According to the U.N. how many countries have affiliated with ISIS?

3.Is Nigeria one of these countries (referred to in question 2, above)?

4. According to class lecture and your text, what does the word jihad mean?

5.Would Michael Scheuer agree with Nihad Awad’s description of ISIS?

6.What African/Arab country was the site of Bin Laden’s first training camps and the terrorist bomb that exploded in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing?

7.What group is described by your text as the deadliest ISIS affiliate in the world? How does your text describe its actions?

8. According to your text does ISIS’ brutality have a purpose? What is this purpose?

9.What does your text say about the subject of domestic as compared to international terrorism? Which of the two receives greater attention in the US?

10.What does your author say about the number of analysts at the department of Homeland Security (DHS) who monitor domestic rather than international terrorist threats?

11.What does your author say about the number of analysts at the department of Homeland Security (DHS) who monitor domestic rather than international terrorist threats?

12.According to your text, what is Ruby Ridge and what is its significance among right wing extremists?

13.Who was Timothy McVeigh, how did he die and where (what city) did he die in?

14.According to your text, what is the total number of warheads held by all nine nuclear-armed nations?

15.What country associated with the policy sometimes referred to as “nuclear ambiguity” (a term not used in your text) has never acknowledged that is has nuclear weapons even though it most certainly has them, according to your text?

16.According to your text and class lectures, what is the main reason given for those who believe there is a need to build more weapons and the various devices used to deliver them?

17.As an illustration of the answer given to question 3 above, how does your text describe the computers that would receive a presidential order to launch ICBMs?

18.What country frequently in the news is described by your text as test-detonating at least four nuclear devices paving the way for nuclear warheads capable of carrying nuclear warheads to the continental US?

19.According to your text, what country is expected to double its arsenal in the next ten years according to a 2015 report? In addition to this, is there anything that may seem threatening about this same country (Hint: This country is mentioned in Chapter one of your text)?

20.What claim has NATO made for its efforts to install ABM systems in eastern Europe?

21.According to your text, has Russian President Vladimir Putin welcomed the installation of ABM systems in eastern Europe? According to your text, how has Mr. Putin reacted to this development?

22.According to your text, what modern facility is home to an estimated 50 hydrogen bombs representing the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s (NATO) largest nuclear stockpile located just 68 miles from Turkey’s border with Syria?

23.What agency of the U.N. described in your text reported 2,889 confirmed incidents of illicit trafficking in nuclear and other radioactive material between 1993 and 2015?

24.According to your text, how many civilians were killed outright by the atomic bomb dropped by the US on Hiroshima in the closing days of WWII? Five years later, what did this casualty figure rise to as a result of deaths from radioactive poisoning?

25.According to your text, what was the initial death toll from the atomic bomb dropped by the US on Nagasaki? What did the death toll from this event eventually rise to, according to your text?

26.What do the letters SDI stand for and what popular name for SDI was used to refer to SDI during the Reagan years of the 1980s?

27.What action discussed in your text associated with Russian President Vladimir Putin was adopted by the US and other western nations in response to crises in Georgia and Crimea?

28.Despite Iran’s bellicose attitude toward the US. Government, how does your text characterize the attitude of 53 percent of Iranians toward Americans?

29.According to your text, what is the national religion of Iran? Is this a major or minor national feature of Iran?

30.What international actor is a common enemy to both the US and Iran?

31.For much of the 20th century the U.S. enjoyed friendly relations with Iran. But what happened, specifically, in 1979 to spoil/change these relations, according to your text?

32.According to Scheuer what one word phenomenon must be understand about America’s (terrorist) enemies?

33.According to Scheuer what things about Americans matter to terrorists?

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