3 questions on the case study

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Use the information provided in pages 1-8 of the “Apple Inc in 2015” to answer the following questions: ( i will attach it)

Explain how changes that occurred in the five forces in the PC industry during the 1980s and mid-1990s contributed to the dramatic decline of Apple’s PC business during that period. (2-3 pages)

(1) Why did the actions of Sculley, Spindler and Amelio (Apple’s CEOs from 1985 to 1997) fail to reverse the decline of Apple’s PC business? (1-2 pages)

(2) Why were Steve Jobs’ actions, when he took over Apple’s PC business in 1997, more effective in countering the threats posed by the five forces in the PC industry? (1-2 pages)

(Please must rely on the information in the Apple 2015 case to do this assignment. No further research is required.)

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