Introducing A Sense of Urgency management homework help

Introducing a Sense of Urgency

As counterintuitive as it may seem, it can be dangerous for a company to be too successful. Oftentimes, along with success, an air of complacency can emerge. By focusing only on the current success, an organization may be at risk of failing to either recognize opportunities for new growth or identify potential challenges resulting from their competitors’ innovations. In order for the change process to begin, managers need to create momentum—and when no visible crisis exists, managers may need to develop some other strategy to make transformational change appear to be the best option for overcoming organizational complacency.

As you review the resources this week, continue your research, and contemplate the following:

In order to initiate change, the causes of a current state of complacency must be identified and replaced with a sense of urgency. To accomplish this, one strategy might be for organizations to hire consultants to obtain an unbiased overview of problem areas. Consider the following:

  • What is the difference between a sense of urgency and a sense of emergency?
  • Is complacency always negative?

Note: You do not need to answer these points directly in your Discussion post, since they serve primarily to begin your thinking process. However, you must explain your reasoning as you formulate your formal response.

Now answer a cohesive and scholarly response based on your readings and research this week that addresses the following:

  • Describe an area in your own organization (or one with which you are familiar) where you recognize a level of complacency. After reviewing the different sources of complacency on page 40 of the Leading Change course text, explain which source(s) may be contributing to this complacency and in what ways.
  • Reflect on the suggested methods for overcoming this complacency by creating a sense of urgency. Which of these approaches would you use to address your complacency issues? Why? Putting yourself in the role of the manager responsible for the area you identified, how would you implement the approach to create the sense of urgency for the change? Provide a concrete plan.


Kotter, J. P. (2012). Leading change. Boston, MA: Harvard Business School Press.

Chapter 3, “Establishing a Sense of Urgency”

Chapter 3 details the first stage in the change process: establishing a sense of urgency. The author describes the key causes of complacency and how to raise the urgency level.

Kotter, J. P., & Cohen, D. S. (2002). The heart of change. Boston, MA: Harvard Business School Press.

Step 1, “Increase Urgency”

Step 1 reviews what works and what is unproductive when trying to increase urgency. The chapter contains a number of case studies that exemplify the concepts.

Discussion 250 300 words Hist 1302 US Government Since 1865 history homework help

+ Required Textbook : Eric Foner, Voices of Freedom: A Documentary History, vol. 2 (4th edition).

I dont have a textbook so please make sure that you have it before we can work together

+ First, choose one of the primary sources from this week’s unit (either a document from Voices of Freedom or one that is posted to the week’s Blackboard folder). This can be the document or film you found to be most interesting, challenging, provocative, etc. This week’s options are:

  1. VOF 96, The Mississippi Black Code
  2. VOF 101, Chief Joseph, “An Indian’s View”
  3. VOF 102, Sumner on Social Darwinism
  4. VOF 112, Aguinaldo on American Imperialism
  5. Blackboard, Slavery by Another Name (film) Watch first 35 mins :
  6. Blackboard, In the White Man’s Image (film) Watch minutes 20 to 45

Direction: Write the name of the source you have chosen at the top of your post. Then, in 250-300 words, analyze the source through the lens of “freedom.” Does a group of Americans (or others) gain freedoms? Attempt to gain freedoms? Lose freedoms? Experience a conflict over freedoms? Do not use any direct quotes. I want to read your own words.

Critical Essay Paper health and medicine homework help

Critical Essay Paper: You will research the Luis Jimenez/Martin Memorial Hospital case and write a 5-6 page essay about the challenges faced by the hospital/hospital administration in this matter. Be clear and concise in explaining your arguments and use credible sources. Your essay paper should be written in APA format (Requirements below) and structured to cover the following questions.


1. What is the challenge faced by Martin Memorial Hospital?

2. who’s been affected by this challenge (specific group of persons, organizations, government)? (Clue: Hospital Stakeholders, etc.)

3. What are the implications of this challenge on health care in America?

4. What solutions/alternatives have others proposed to solve this challenge?

5. What ideas do you have to solve this challenge?

Important note:

Must be apa format

The case about the person luis jimenez who hospitalized in martin memorial hospitals

5 or 6 page without cover and ref pages

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Case study assignment business and finance homework help

Read the articles and answer all questions. Number each question. Answer all five (5) questions separately in as much detail as possible. Extensive use and visible reference to course theoretical content and case examples are expected and necessary for a satisfactory grade. An introduction and conclusion, however, are not required in this assignment. Just answer the questions,

assignment should be a maximum of fourteen (14) typed pages including EVERYTHING (i.e. bibliography, etc).The formatting allowed is as follows:

·Font size:12 point

·Font style:Times Roman

·Line Spacing:1.5

·Margins:1 inch margins (or 2.54 cm margins)

·Other:On every page of your assignment you should note your name,

student # and page #. This can be done under “Headers and

Footers.” (No title page is required.)

Required Article Readings:

1.“Goodwill closes stores across GTA due to ‘cash flow crisis’” CBC News. January 17, 2016.…

2.“16 Ontario Goodwill stores shut down”. The Star. January 17, 2016.…

3.“Goodwill to return to Toronto.” The Star. June 29, 2016.…

4.“Goodwill workers blast charity’s CEO over closures.” The Star. January 20, 2016.…

5.Goodwill closes stores across Southern Ontario due to cash flow crisis. The Globe and Mail. January 17, 2016.…

Questions: (80 marks)

1.Explain how the six external environment forces may have impacted Goodwill? (20 marks)

2.Explain what management philosophy (classical or behavioural) would be most suitable for Goodwill and why? (20 marks)

3.What business-level strategy would you recommend for Goodwill and why? (10 marks)

4.Was CEO Keiko Nakamura of Goodwill socially responsible? Answer this question using the four levels of CSR. (10 marks)

5.Was there “good governance” at Goodwill (south Ontario branch)? Explain why or why not. (20 marks)

paper and worksheet

Please complete the worksheet that is attached. The instructions are on the worksheet. NO Plagiarism please.

Also a paper needs to be done with the following.

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper that identifies the effects that people have on the hydrological cycle and the consequences of these effects. In the paper, include the following:

  • Describe the water cycle, including sources of usable freshwater and renewal times for rivers, lakes, and ground water.
  • Explain how wetland destruction and creation of impervious surfaces through urban development affect the water cycle and contribute to flooding.
  • Explain some pros and cons to using levees for flood control and whether it is in the best interest of communities to rely of levees to prevent flooding.
  • Explain how dams influence the hydrologic cycle and whether they are viable option for long-term flood control, water supplies, or power generation.
  • Explain three issues associated with irrigation, including whether current rates of aquifer use are sustainable.

Include at least three references in addition to the text, formatted consistent with APA guidelines.

I have attached the requirements and instructions on writing a policy memo as well as writing tips

I have attached everything that is required for this policy memo. Thank you .

Annotated Timeline Drugs and or alcohol assignment help

No directly quoted material may be used in this project paper. Resources should be summarized or paraphrased with appropriate in-text and resource page citations.

Produce a sequential timeline beginning with the 1906 Pure Food and Drug Act and end at today’s date. You may use a chart or other visual representation to demonstrate understanding. Next, identify at least two major policy statements or legislation that had significant effects on the enforcement of drug laws in the United States. The narrative portion of the project should be at least two full pages of text (or more if necessary to demonstrate your understanding of the topic); not including your reference page and any visual representation. The narrative must also contain:

  • a detailed description of the event
  • an assessment of its impact on drug and/or alcohol control
  • public attitudes/responses to the event

Rubric Name: A MODEL Rubric for CCJS Projects – Max points


The paper is exemplary. Content of the paper exceeds all information required by assignment, demonstrates critical thinking skills, sophisticated analysis and other perspectives.

Points available: 18-20

Paper indicates effort above and beyond the Project Description in the areas of research, analysis, critical thinking, etc.

Points available: 16-17.9

In general, the content of the paper addresses the information required by the assignment.

Points available: 14-15.9

The overall content of the paper addresses less than the minimal amount of the information required by the assignment. It demonstrates marginal work and does not reflect an understanding of the project.

Points available D: 12 -13.9

Points available F: 11.9

Analysis and critical thinking is evident throughout the paper, beyond the requirements in the Project Description

Points available: 18-20

Paper includes evidence of analysis and critical thinking beyond the requirements in the Project Description

Points available: 16-17.9

The analysis and critical thinking is consistant with the requirements in the Project Description

Points available: 14-15.9

The analysis and critical thinking reflected in this paper did not meet the requirements in the Project Description

Points available D: 12-13.9

Points available F: 0-11.9

Assignment is formatted exactly as required.

Points available: 9-10

Assignment is formatted as required with minor/ inconsequential deviations.

Points available: 8-8.9

Assignment mostly formatted as required but missing some required element(s).

Points available: 7-7.9

Assignment is missing major elements,

Points available D:6 – 6.9

Points available F: 0-5.9

Excellent understanding and application of theory and knowledge to the facts.

Terminology is correct in all uses.

Points available: 9-10

Clear application of theory and knowledge to the facts.

Most terminology references are correctly applied.

Points available: 8-8.9

Application of theory, knowledge and terminology indicate understanding of the concepts and focus of the project

Points available: 7-7.9

Theory and knowledge does not apply to the facts presented.

Use of terminology indicates a lack of understanding of the concepts and focus of the project

Points available D: 6-6.9

Points available F: 0-5.9

Organization is relevant to topic, clear and understandable with logical flow that makes the project easier to follow.

Points available: 9-10

Organization is clear and does not distract from the project’s content.

Points available: 8-8.9

Organization presents some MINOR distractions from the project’s content.

Points available: 7-7.9

Organization lacks relevance, is unclear, difficult to understand, or logic is missing that causes distraction for the reader.

Points available D: 6-6.9

Points available F: 0-5.9

Assignment is formatted exactly as required, all required citations and references are present and APA standards are followed in every respect.

Points available 13.5-15

Assignment is formatted as required with minor/ inconsequential deviations, resource requirements are met, citations and references are present and APA standards are followed.

Points available: 12-13.4

Assignment mostly formatted as required but missing some required elements/ sources or some APA errors are evident.

Points available: 10.5-11.9

Assignment is missing major elements, lacks required sources or APA is not followed however a different citation method is used correctly.

Points available D: 9 – 10.4

Points available F: 0-8.9

No or minor English and grammar usage errors.

Points available 13.5-15

A few minor/ inconsequential mistakes in English and grammar.

Points available 12-13.4

Some, but acceptable mistakes in English and/or grammar.

Points available: 10.5-11.9

Many mistakes evident in English/grammar usage.

Points available D: 9 – 10.4

Points available F: 0-8.9

Overall Score

What is a Double blind control experiment

What is a Double-blind control experiment and where it is most effectively used for? Please explain comprehensively.

3 discussions Race and Drug Laws political science homework help


Race and Drug Laws

According to historian Richard Miller, in the film The House I Live In, “anti-drug laws have always been about race.” What are his arguments in this regard, especially with regard to opium, cocaine, and marijuana? Do you find his arguments convincing? Why or why not?


Elites in Black Robes

Why does Schubert describe the federal court system as “the most elitist institution in the U.S. government?” Please be specific. What do you think? Is the federal court system elitist? Why or why not?


Constitutional Interpretation

Compare and contrast the doctrine of original intent and the living Constitution approach. What are the strengths and weaknesses of each, and which do you find more convincing? Why? Please be specific.

quot Race Ethnicity Sex and Gender quot Please respond to one 1 of the following

Race, Ethnicity, Sex, and Gender” Please respond to one (1) of the following:

  • Describe the effects that the statistical information on a specific race or ethnicity in the areas of health, crime, employment, or education may have in terms of being a predictor of behavior. Provide your opinion on the most likely effects these statistics will have on an individual.
  • Select one (1) of the following terms: liberal feminism, socialist feminism, radical feminism, patriarchy, and multicultural feminism, and define it in your words. Describe the manner in which this term relates to you.