What are you willing to sacrifice for your family English homework help

Write a four paragraph essay about “What are you willing to sacrifice for your family?”

On 24 March 2020 an ANZ share was trading at $14.60 in ASX. The premium of Calls option with a…

Question 1 3 Marks

(a) On 24 March 2020 an ANZ share was trading at $14.60 in ASX. The premium of Calls option with a

strike price (exercise price) of $16.00 with an expiry date on the month of your next birthday was

$1.00 per share. Draw the line curve of return (Profit/Loss) from the investment in this option against

share price varying from $0 to $30. (Draw the price per share on X-axis from $0 to $30 and Profit/Loss

in Y-axis. Must use Excel or similar software for the plot.) 2 marks

(b) If you had $2,000 to invest, how much profit would you make if the price jumped to $26.00 per share

of ANZ bank. Note that you have to pay a total brokerage fee of $19, options are traded in bundles of

100 shares in ASX, and you cannot overspend. (You may not be able to spend some amount of

money if it is too little for a bundle of shares.)


Prove by induction that every natural number n = 12 can be written as a sum of 4s and 5s…. 1 answer below »

Prove by induction that every natural number n = 12 can be written

as a sum of 4s and 5s.

Hint: It is useful to note that if a number greater than 12 is written

as a sum of 4s and 5s, there must be at least three terms in that


pol/115 assignment

  Assignment Content This assignment is designed to help you analyze civil liberties and the role of the U.S. Supreme Court in upholding them.

Select a landmark Supreme Court case from the Bill of Rights Institute website.

Provide an analysis that addresses the following:
The civil liberty that is addressed in the case including the text of the amendment from the Bill of Rights An explanation of the Supreme Court’s involvement, including the following: The importance of the ruling (why it is significant) How the case moved through the lower courts to eventually be heard by the Supreme Court The powers granted to the Supreme Court by the constitution that allowed them to rule on the case Format your assignment as one of the following:
12- to 15-slide presentation with detailed speaker notes in a separate word document. 875-word paper Another format approved by your instructor Cite 2 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar references to support your assignment. Do not use Wikipedia, Quora, Yahoo Questions or other crowdsourced websites as references.
Include a reference list in APA format. Use in-text citations in APA format.

Don Imus Case marketing homework help

Please read the article provided on PDF file then Answer to 4 questions provided on word file .
No plagiarism Please .

Your Answer should be no more than 7 lines .

Please write your answer under the questions on the word file .

3 pages or 750 words Negotiation Conflict due tommorow 9pm

3 pages or 750 words Project text book page attached

please midterm study guide asap

high school stats study guide will send to bidder

give an account of the collapse of the bretton woods agreement and discuss the

5 pages

Give an account of the collapse of the Bretton Woods  agreement and discuss the consequences of this collapse for international finance.

U S publicly traded company s balance sheet and income statement assignment help

Complete the following homework scenario:

  • Select one (1) U.S. publicly traded company and review its most recent Annual Report. (You may use the following publicly traded company:  Ratheon – Stock Symbol is RTN)
    • Use the Income Statement and Balance Sheet to determine the changes in:
      • assets, liabilities, and equity
      • total revenue and net income
    • Briefly describe the change from the current and prior years in each of these key areas and determine if the changes would be positive or negative from an investor / stockholder’s view.

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Jeannine runs for 45 minutes every day for exercise. It takes her 8 minutes to run a mile, and she spends 5 minutes stretching halfway through the run. If xrepresents the number of miles she runs, then 8x + 5 ≤ 45 represents the time she runs each day. What is the fewest number of miles Jeannine must run to complete her daily exercise?