Racism and Friendship

First Source: The Nickel Boys by Colson Whitehead, Second Source: Get Out by Jordan Peele, Third Source: The Help by Tate Taylor

For your final essay, you will develop an original argument about one or more of the primary works on the syllabus. Your paper should be thesis-driven and use direct textual evidence (close-reading and quotation analysis) to support your points. Further, you must incorporate at least two secondary sources into your essay to help further support and develop your argument. You are free to use the secondary sources from the syllabus or sources from outside of the syllabus.

In this essay, you will continue to develop your literary analysis and close-reading skills. Reading closely means developing a deep understanding and a precise interpretation of a quotation, passage, scene, or image. This type of analysis moves beyond summary and begins by analyzing on a micro level and from there connects to the themes and ideas evoked and/or implied by the passage in relation to larger themes of the literary work. Essentially, in the body of your essay you will support and prove your argument by analyzing various quotations, scenes, images, etc.

In order to thoughtfully and thoroughly attend to this assignment, the target word count for this assignment is approximately 1800-2000 words (roughly 7-8 pages).

General guidelines and expectations:

Your writing will be graded for both content and style, and thus, should be concise and thoughtful, and grammatically, mechanically, and syntactically elegant. Your essay must be typed, in Times New Roman font, 12-point size with numbered pages. At the top of the first page, include your name, the due date, the course name and section, and my name in four consecutive, single-spaced lines; the remainder of the essay should be double-spaced. After your last paragraph please include your essay word count. For an example of the expected essay format, please see the syllabus. Additionally, papers and citations should always follow MLA format. For assistance, please consult The Bedford Handbook, the Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue, or any one of the dozens of other available online resources.

Essays must be submitted via Blackboard (Microsoft Word, PDF, or Pages file formats only—MS Word .doc or .docx preferred).

*I strongly encourage you to discuss your plans for your final paper with me. Some of the ways I can help are as follows: brainstorm ideas, develop thesis, develop and/or locate more evidence, come up with an outline and/or tips for overall structure and organization, and more.

Note: Advisement for final papers can happen when you’re in the planning, drafting, or revising stage of the writing process (I’m happy to speak with you more than once at different stages in the process) and will happen in the form of one-on-one conferences via Zoom. If you would like to consult about your final paper, either sign up for a meeting slot using the Office Hours Google Doc or email me about scheduling a time to meet.

Internet Security 

Write a fully developed paper in which you:

on Internet Security

  1. Compose an executive summary highlighting the paper’s contents and reasoning for your chosen topic.
  2. Conduct a SWOT analysis by analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, application opportunities, and threats from competitors of the chosen topic.
  3. Evaluate the current ethical and legal concerns surrounding your topic.
  4. Select one ethical or legal concern surrounding your topic, take a position on the issue, and provide rationale.
  5. Analyze the improvements over the last two years to your communication technology topic, and suggest an improvement based on its current usage.
  6. Predict the future role of the communication technology you’ve selected for both personal and commercial use.
  7. Create a diagram that illustrates the communication structure of your chosen technology in Visio or its open source alternative software. Note:The graphically depicted solution is not included in the required page length.
  8. Use at least eight quality resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar websites do not qualify as quality resources.

In what ways does the genre of the elegy create a poetry of memory and mourning?

In what ways does the genre of the elegy create a poetry of memory and mourning? Answer with close reference to your chosen examples.

Chopin scholars of the contrast between Madame Ratignole and Mme. R

Much is made by Chopin scholars of the contrast between Madame Ratignole and Mme. Reisz, and their relationship to Edna Pontellier. Explore the thematic significance of the contrast between these two characters, and the role of ownership and agency, in 《The Awakening》.

Information policy advocacy

Students are required to: Create a mind/concept map (or other graphical tool) to illustrate the key issues in their manifesto Develop & refine their arguments Source data/evidence to support their own arguments Source suitable case studies where possible Extract key points about the target issue Source supportive stances/viewpoints from existing interest groups, where possible Anticipate potential arguments from the opposing side Develop counter arguments to rebut the anticipated arguments of the opposing side Identify potential positive & negative outcomes from the respective pro/con arguments Prepare your materials for your proposal Do some background research on debating techniques, eg:books in HKU Library, at 808.5 & find some online resources & advocacy Topic 2: The Hong Kong government should more closely monitor citizens’ behavior to enhance civil harmony. An increase in security cameras with facial recognition software will reduce the risk of crimes and other undesirable activities References are needed (APA format) about 2000 words

What is ammonium nitrate (NH4N03)? What is it legitimately used for in everyday life?

What is ammonium nitrate (NH4N03)? What is it legitimately used for in everyday life?
Discuss the blast involving ammonium nitrate in Beirut, Lebanon, in August of 2020.
Discuss the alleged role that the terrorist group Hezbollah played in storing the chemical in the Beirut Port, as well as in various other locations throughout Europe and the Middle East.
Discuss the reports of Hezbollah possibly purchasing ammonium nitrate from Iran.
Discuss ammonium nitrate and the Oklahoma City bombing involving Timothy McVeigh.
Discuss other accidents and terror attacks that involved ammonium nitrate.
What is being done, and what do you feel should be done, to prevent ammonium nitrate from being used against the United States?
Paper Format:

MLA Format

Double Spaced

Microsoft Word

Times New Roman (12)

At least 1000 words in length at a minimum. (No maximum length)

Include at least four intext citations from your source(s)

Include a Works Cited Page

Explain how Soil, Struggle and Justice relates to that idea, incorporating examples from the film.

Explain how Soil, Struggle and Justice relates to that idea, incorporating examples from the film.

I want literature review about counting-based secret sharing , counting-based secret sharing and steghnograpghy

I want literature review about counting-based secret sharing , counting-based secret sharing and steghnograpghy Arabic text steghnograpghy ,watermarking with steghnograpghy , Arabic text watermarking ..3 parts.. each part has background on technique literature review .. with Arabic example..