2000 word report and a powerpoint presentation on information system security

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Part A

A Critical Analysis of Data Security (2000 Words REPORT)

Choose one of the issues listed below and write a report (maximum 2000 words) that

provides a critical analysis of any of the issues. You need to provide a proper title of your topic selected.

> Hacking and National Security

> Trends in Cybersecurity

> Cloud Security

> Mobile and Wireless Security

> IS Security and Risk Management

> Security Technologies

> Corporate Governance for IS Security

> Legal Aspects of Information Systems Security

> Ethics, Privacy and Data Protection

> Culture and Information Systems Security

> Electronic Crime and Forensic Computing

> Strategies for e-Business Security

Develop professional skills through the application of theoretical knowledge and understanding of information system security analysis and security planning for an organization.The students expected to analyse current scenarios around the world, write an extended report and recommend Information systems security solutions. This task requires you to critically apply your knowledge and understanding

of information systems security you have learnt from topics 1 to 10

from your text book, other reading materials as well materials on LEO. The report should demonstrate how you have actively engaged in the unit materials and contemporary news from Media and journals. This will be a professional report. Should be in Report Format with Executive Summary.. and 10 Academic references ( see the zip attachment, I have given you 7 academic articles already)

Part B

Prepare professional PowerPoint Presentation summarizing the main points and be ready to present your findings in the class.

More details and references are available on attachments..

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