2 3 page paper attached file has most of it done

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2. Citation Exercises-Citing your work! Please answer the following questions and provide the requested examples below. Upload this assignment to the “Citations” folder in the Assignments Section.

1. What is your major/eventual career field if you have one chosen?

2. Determine based on your academic major, what citation format that field uses, APA, MLA, or Chicago?

3. Briefly define what an “in text” citation is and why it is important.

4. Provide 3 examples of in text citations (one for a book, one for a webpage, and one for a newspaper article)

5. Then on either a works cited, reference, or bibliography page (this of course depends on which citation format is used), provide the full and proper citations for the 3 resources you gave in text citations for.

3. Write a 2-3 page paper that address the following and submit under “Assignment 1: Paper” folder in Assignments Section:

a) FIRST! Before doing any research write about what you think Children’s Theatre is (only about 2 paragraphs for this question)

b) Then, after reading Chapter 1 in the Textbook (only pages 1-11) and doing the additional required research online (see part 3 below) please write about what Children’s Theatre is and its similarities/differences to theatre for adults. Address this over the rest of the 2-3 pages. Be sure to cite your sources, and provide a works cited or bibliography at the end.

4. Reading and Research

a) Read chapter 1 Part 1 (pages 1-11) in the textbook, Theatre for Children: A Unique Art Form.” Theatre for Children: A Guide to Writing, Adapting, Directing, and Acting, by David Wood and Janet Grant, Ivan R. Dee, 1999, pp. 1–11.

b) Research 2 additional sources online that discuss what Children’s Theatre is and its similiarities and differences to regular adult theatre. Links to these sources are required and should be cited.

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