13 questions about MUSIC Define oratorio art design homework help

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1. Define oratorio. List the features of a typical oratorio.

2. Define program music and name an example.

3. Name, define, and discuss the two factors that determine musical form.

4. Define the term scale. Explain the difference between the diatonic scale and the chromatic scale, and briefly discuss the variety of scales in other parts of the world.

5. Briefly characterize Stravinsky’s use of folk melodies, rhythm, and ostinato in The Rite of Spring.

6. Name and briefly discuss the three styles of jazz, in chronological order, from its beginnings to just after World War II.

7. Briefly describe the image of Beethoven that listeners get from his music.

8. Define Sprechstimme. Name a work that features Sprechstimme and name the composer of that work.

9. Describe the two sets of forces in a concerto or concerto grosso. Explain the interplay between them.

10. Describe the way the career of a composer was viewed in the Baroque era.

11. Why was Verdi considered the dominant composer in nineteenth century opera? How is his compositional style different from that of Rossini, Donizetti, and Bellini?

12. Describe the relationship between a motive and a theme and the purpose of motives in music.

13. Define timbre and briefly explain the cause of the great variety of timbres in different kinds of voices and instruments.

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